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From the so large range of products we offer, the following products and their benefits are to be mentioned:

1. Our Sausages - smoked, dried, dietetic, Belgian, spicy - are ideal for a healthy snack deprived of the harmful lipids and sugars, and that can bring benefits to diabetics, and to all persons under various hypocholesterolemic diets.

salam 1          salam 2

2. Our Parizer” (a type of mortadella) can be consumed in a sandwich or in a delicious salad made of fresh vegetables. Its rosemary flavour and the lack of “hidden fats” make it a food as tasty as healthy. People who want to have a line and a slim body will be surprised to find out that IEZERESS Parizer can be the beneficial alternative.

parizer 1          parizer 2

3. Our Cabanos” Sausages can successfully replace the classical “Cabanos” sausages for at least 4 simple reasons, i.e. they are richer in quality proteins, they have a significant content in vitamins (A, B1, B6, D, E, F) and in mineral salts (Ca, Na, K, P), and besides, they are dietetic. All this makes them recommendable for all people, either in good health or suffering.

cabanos 1          cabanos 2

4. Our Tocatura” and “Preparat” can be a good basis for the preparation of tasteful dishes. Thus you can benefit from the dietotherapeutic properties of soya protein by preparing various dishes with anti-carcinogen effects, which can reduce the ageing phenomenon, which are appropriate for fighting male sterility and insufficient spermatogenesis, and which can also be useful for women in the premenopausal and menopausal periods, thanks to their high content of soya bean estrogens.

tocatura 1          tocatura 2

5. Our Pastes have an enormous advantage that other pastes, made of meat, do not offer to the consumer, i.e. they contain no lipids or sugars. A slice of whole wheat bread or of seed bread with a generous layer of paste and ornamented with tomato and a leaf of parsley - what else could be more appetizing than that!

pateu 1         pateu 2

6. Our Crenwurst” Sausages contain no hidden fats and sugars, are rich in vitamins, mineral salts and lecithin, and can be a breakfast for school children or even a well worthy dinner, after many hours of study, accompanied by a glass of soya milk.

crenvursti 1          crenvursti 2

7. Our Cheese and Butter based on soya are intended especially for persons whose digestive system has difficulties in supporting animal fats. A plate with soya cheese and with various types of sausages, ornamented with green salad, tomatoes, cucumbers and olives is as appetizing as healthy.

branza 1          branza 2

8. Our Mayonnaise and Sour Cream, unlike the animal origin ones, are deprived of the lipids that are harmful for the health, they are dietetic and are an important source of vegetal proteins with beneficial effects. They can be an excellent basis for various sauces used for the preparation of appetizing salads made of all sorts of fresh or boiled vegetables, accompanied by little cubes of soya cheese and Parizer.


9. Our Vegetal Creams, simple or with herbs, are delicatessen that can be consumed with no fear for the line or for the cholesterol level, as they contain lots of proteins, vitamins, mineral salts and lecithin, with certain beneficial effects on the intellectual performances.


10. Our Soya Milk, a magical drink deprived of lactose, casein and cholesterol, can be the morning milk of all persons suffering from lactose intolerance, of children who want good, slightly vanilla flavoured milk, of people under a vegetarian diet, of elderly people who know how to live their age beautifully. In other words, the soya drink is the milk recommended to everyone.