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Advantages of nutrition with soy-based products

The nutrition is well-known as one of the 8 dimensions of health. Hippocrates stated: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”  Soy, the basic elements used for creative preparation of our products, is a vegetal complex element, necessary for our daily food, which can easily replace other products rich in protein: 1 kg of soy equals 4 kg of meat, 72 eggs and 7,5 l of milk. Soy and the products based on it are rich in vitamins A, B1, B6, D, E and F, as well as in mineral salts. The high content of lecithin increases intellectual performances and regulates the cholesterol level. These products are recommended for diabetics, being sugar and fat free. They have also a strong anti-carcinogenic action. Moreover, they have anti-aging properties, due to the high content of nucleic and oestrogen acids, which is extremely important especially for women over 50.

Statistics show that soy products reduce diabetes by 55%, lung cancer by 20%, esophageal cancer by 34%, strokes by 80%, gastro-duodenal ulcer by 42%, heart attack by 70%. These products substantially reduce rickets ad spondylosis level, and, very importantly, increase longevity by 10 years for women and 5 years for men.

IEZERESS” is therefore of real help to consumers, offering them an efficient alternative to unhealthy food. Consequently we propose a rich and wide range of healthy and tasty products, made of raw material based on soy beans protein, satisfying the most pretentious and refined tastes and food necessities.