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The company "IEZERESS" S.R.L. is part of the IEZER group.

IEZER company was created in 1999. It started the production of soya protein-based vegetal products on November 1, 2002, with only 6 products. With hard work and determined perseverance the production range diversified, and thus we produce more than 70 products and we are to supplement our offer in the nearest future with ready-made food, ice-cream and even organic food products, all made of soya protein. In 2009, the activity of Iezer was taken over by "IEZERESS", which is specialized only in producing and merchandising vegetal products.

Fully aware of the importance of quality our managers make from continuous increase of quality and product diversification two permanent priorities. Thus, our products can be found on the shelves of all natural products shops in Romania and of certain shops from the regional networks. They are also sought for in certain supermarkets and hypermarkets such as: Kaufland, Metro, Selgros, Mega Image, Cora, Plus, Profi. In order to reach this level, we had increased our production capacity from about 5 tons / month (the quantity produced originally) to 50 tons / month (the quantity produced now), and we have real possibilities to double the production, i.e. to 100 tons / month, in the future.

These figures prove sufficiently not only the quality of our products, but also a bigger and bigger awareness of the benefits that the natural, especially soya-based food products, bring to the consumers.

The technology we use for the production of soya based food is similar to the technology used in the meat product industry, but our raw material is natural, with no artificial substances added. Our soya is non-genetically modified, which is also confirmed in the lab rapports that accompany each lot. Preparation is based on boiling, and preservation is assured by natural spices and herbs, such as rosemary, or by smoking; colour is due to natural extracts from red beet or carrot, and the flavour is natural and offered by a large range of spices and herbs. Food needs to be kept in the freezer, at temperatures between 2 and 6 Celsius degrees, for 2 months.

Thanks to the natural raw materials and to the technological operations used, “IEZERESS” soya-based food products are rich in proteins, poor in lipids and sugars, are a source of vitamins and minerals, thus offering a healthy plus of nutritional substances to our body.

IEZERESS” food range is large and gives the possibility for products to be consumed at breakfast, at lunch or at dinner. Snacks consisting of soya-based food can be an ideal choice for children during their breaks at kindergarten or school. Teenagers and youth will find their source of vitality and energy in these products. Thanks to their beneficial effects on health, these products should not miss from our table after the age of 40. Thus, we have created a rich and large range of healthy and tasteful food products that can satisfy the most select and exquisite tastes and nutritional needs, from soya-based drink to various types of sausages, parizer, crenwurst, pastes and cheese varieties, as well as vegetal creams.

At present, “IEZERESS” products can be found on the Spanish market; they will be soon available also on the Italian market, and in the near future, they will be found on the shelves of the supermarkets in Western Europe and even in Japan.